The Company

We are a BCA ( Building and Construction Authority ) registered contractor specialised in painting, floor coating, external cladding cleaning/washing, external window/cladding sealant work, waterproofing installation and metal roof maintenance.

Currently, we are registered under BCA L4 for 2 different categories: BCA CR09 Repairs & Redecoration and CR13 Waterproofing Installation. With this registration, we are eligible to tender for both governmental and private projects of up to S$7.5 million each for repainting and waterproofing respectively. Since our establishment in 2nd October 1992, we have successfully completed more than 2800 projects to date. We are also a SCI (Singapore Concrete Institute) registered accredited waterproofing specialist contractor under Accreditation Grade W1 and has obtained bizSAFE Level 3 certification.